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Valentino Shoes Sale rock

Le 27 mai 2016, 05:12 dans Humeurs 0

Long sleeves. High neck. Full length. These terms Valentino Sale don't typically describe a super-sexy getup, but Florence Welch is proving us all way wrong.

At the Love magazine Christmas bash last night, the red-headed siren was spotted in a jumpsuit that may appear all covered up at first. But, make no mistake u2014 this see-through number is far from conservative. In fact, it was practically head-to-toe sheer, with simply a leotard layered beneath for just a bit of modesty. Too much for the holiday party? Excluding a work shindig, we say, not at all. Atta girl, Florence, for having the sartorial chops to Valentino Shoes Sale rock a look that's risquu00e9 in a clever, chic, non-obvious way. 

Valentino Sale that necklace

Le 26 mai 2016, 09:56 dans Humeurs 0

Out of all the '90s trends that have recently made a comeback, there's one crucial item we haven't seen pop up with a high-fashion makeover. Remember the tattoo necklace? Sold for two quarters (or a handful of tickets at the roller-rink arcade), these udon-thick coils of plastic rope adorned every cap-sleeve-wearing, Chun Li-bun-sporting, loose-glitter-sparkling girl with a neck in the '90s. Of course, these things had their pitfalls u2014 they snapped after a couple of weeks of wear; they'd inevitably Valentino Shoes leave a sweaty, itchy rash around your neck; and they'd be so stretched out by the time they made it over your massive head that they'd dangle more like a chain than a choker. (This had to have happened to someone else, right?) But, since it cost the same amount of money as a stretchy sticky hand toy or a yin-yang temporary tattoo, we didn't care much if they fell apart.

But, if we paid, oh, say, $12 for one, we'd have expected Valentino Sale that necklace to last for the entire decade. Topshop, high street's biggest proponent of time-traveling clothing, is selling a basic version for a dozen bucks, and the retailer's chokers don't even come with the iridescent seed beads, gecko charms, or mood-ring stones. The pink one (which would have definitely cost at least two extra arcade tickets) also sells for $12 but is unfortunately out of stock (!!!). So, to the entire generation of folks figuring these out for the first time: One, good luck; two, don't wear them to gym class; and three, ask your older sisters to dig around and see if they have a "vintage" one lying around u2014 those are free. And, you can say you got it from hitting the lotto at Cheap Skate in '96. 

Valentino Shoes Sale This story

Le 25 mai 2016, 09:54 dans Humeurs 0

UPDATE:</strong> Cool weather is here, so dust off that oxford shirt and get yourself three amazing outfits. Valentino Shoes Sale This story was originally published on August 17.

Before you start adding fall's most exciting fashion trends into your wardrobe, make sure you're caught up with the basics. Our pick? A crisp, white oxford shirt.</strong> Like we said: basics.

The collared go-to is a timeless classic that's the perfect tool for dressing your wardrobe up or down.</strong> With the help of some killer separates and eye-catching accessories, we've used the sharp standby as an inspirational canvas, styling three distinct looks for work, play, and a sophisticated night out on the town.</strong>


So, get Valentino Sale creative with these fresh ways to  Check out three stylish outfits that feature fall's must-have oxford shirt. A fierce black-and-white outfit will keep you looking professional...without compromising style. Throw in this power bag to add a pop of color, and of course, to haul your goods.

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