Earlier this week Nicole Richie</strong> hit Nordstrom in San Francisco to meet and greet fans and show off her new Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960 lines, which are now available at the department store. We caught up with a somewhat mum Richie before the frenzy to talk about her new line, her style icon status, and her thoughts on San Francisco style (and Danielle Steelu2019s harsh comments about it)!

nWhatu2019s the inspiration behind your Spring 2011 collections that are at Nordstrom today?</strong>
nu2028u201cFor ready-to-wear, I went back Valentino Shoes to my familyu2019s roots in Alabama. Thereu2019s something very feminine about the way my mother used to dress when I was little. Very delicate floral prints, great silks. There was just an ease and flowy-ness to it and during that time. So, thatu2019s where I pulled [inspiration] from for the clothes. For the footwear, I just wanted to create something that was really fun with bold colors. And for the jewelry, I did feathers and coins, things like that.u201du2028u2028

Over Valentino the last five years or so, youu2019ve become a style icon of sorts. How do you feel about that title?</strong>
nnu201cWell, thank you. That title doesnu2019t come up to me in my everyday life, so itu2019s not something that I ever think of myself as. But, thank you!u201d

But you must see your name linked to the word u201cstyle iconu201d in articles... </strong>
nnu201cI try not to focus on that. Honestly, my days are just so full of work and I really try not to pay attention to outside influences, whether theyu2019re good or bad, because I donu2019t want it to effect my work. So, I donu2019t know how I feel about it!u201d


Youu2019re known to have a laid-back boho style. Would you agree that thatu2019s your vibe?</strong>
nnu201cItu2019s hard for me to categorize myself because Iu2019m me. I wear whatu2019s comfortable and what Iu2019m in the mood to wear.